21 April 2015

A Letter | To Say I Love You

Dear Jay, 

There are 3 words I never thought I would say.

I mean, I've said them before, but I didn't feel as great when I say them to you. 

I used to be that girl who was sociable and talked to anyone who was friendly. I usually sticked with the group of friends I had, and I usually only branched out of my comfort zone when someone was there next to me to hold my hand. I never volunteered to be first for anything, in fact, I usually got that chill of anxiety when it was my turn to answer a question in class. I never liked talking about myself. In fact, I avoided every question and instead reverted it the question to someone else. I was never confident in my looks. And, I was never good to myself... 

Then came you. 

The moment you came into my life, everything changed. From the way I see others to the way I see life. Everything changed.

It was your smile that caught my attention. I never knew how genuine a smile can really be. Smiles to me were usually friends, yeah, but I mean, there was always a hidden desire behind them. Yours, seemed too good to be true. Your smile was just... beautiful. 

All I could think about is that I must have done a lot of good things in my past. How else would I explain to others the reason for having you in my life? Especially for the past 4 years and counting... 

You're the real deal. What we have is the real thing. I would know, because I've been through a lot of crazy-cheating relationships, and you have as well. But, somehow, here we are. Not wanting to live through the bad, and not wanting each other to experience anything like that ever again. 

Because of your love, care, and encouragement, you changed me for the better. I've actually started to have confidence in myself, and love myself again. Because of you, I was able to get through my biggest fears and move on from my ugly past. Because of you, I love life again - something, I'd never thought would ever happen again. 

You've treated me much better than a queen, and honestly, I cannot ask for anything more. You're my best friend. You're my love. You're my everything. You're my ride or die. 

I love you bubba.
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  1. isn't it amazing how it just takes one person to come in and change your world? because, that is it, a single soul and things turn upside down and inside out. i'm so thankful you've got to experience that, it's such a beautiful opportunity. :)

    thanks for joining!