17 April 2015

A Great Time to Read!

As of yesterday at 10:30am, I am free from the stress of exams! With that, I've also completed my third year of university! Boy, people weren't kidding when they say time flies... 

Anyways, with the stress of studying and getting a certain grade on certain courses, the girls and I went to the downtown core after our exam. We planned to meet up with another friend around 1:00pm to catch up. Because we finished our exam a little too early, we actually found ourselves just walking down the street. 

Then, I came across this used bookstore that really caught my attention. I'm not sure what it was, but I knew I just had to go in there to check it out. And to my surprise, this used book store was jut absolutely perfect from the moment you walked into the store. Looking back now, I wish I took pictures, but all I have is their website if you're in Toronto and interested (BMV Books).

I think what shocked me the most was the quality of the books. I mean, 90+% of the books on the shelves as almost as new! The quality and care that the past owners had with these books was just astonishing. On top of that, the prices were just amazing. I don't think I saw a single book over $9.99.

But, because I am free of exams for the next month or so before summer school starts, I decided that it is time to put my laptop aside. Instead, I want to read. I haven't read in so long, I don't mind if I sit all day just reading, and reading, and reading. Besides, the weather is beautiful, and I think a good book will help set up my imagination for the summer!  

A blog post is never complete without pictures.... so, here are just a few pics! 

I'm most definitely going back whenever I get the chance, and whenever I am finished reading these ones. For now, I think I'm going to start with Then Came You. It will be my first "chick-lit", so hopefully this book will be great!

Have you read any of these books? Did you like them? If so, which one should I definitely start with?!
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