24 March 2015

When You Can't Remember What Happened

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Have you ever been to a party where the next day, all you can remember was just how much a good time you were having? Then, all of a sudden people starting bringing up bit of pieces of what you remember, and then all together you guys created a consensus of what happened? 

Well, this past weekend we threw my little sister a party for her 19th birthday. She was legal, so you already know people were drinking like no tomorrow. In fact, I think the star of the party wasn't my sister, but it was the jungle juice Jay and I made. 'Cos the moment people came to the house, the first thing we gave them was that strong mixture of alcohol, and everyone was in a new state of mind in such an instant. 

Anyways, back to the main point of this blog post. One of the main things people were talking about the next morning was my friend, lets call him Matthew. Unfortunately, he made some terrible decisions, and now he has to lay his bed in it. He says he doesn't remember a thing, but I think he is lying. 

Let me start off with the fact that he has a girlfriend, who was present at the beginning of the party, but soon left. After couple of hours of drinking, apparently he was going around telling some of the girls how he's only with his girlfriend for sexual pleasure... He also told others he was going to break up with her anyways... then proceed to make out with, not just one, but two different girls, at two different times. 

To me, I never saw this, but I know it did happen because theres a video posted on Facebook with him on the floor with a teddy bear telling everyone how he kissed two girls and how he doesn't know their names, and he couldn't care less. 

This put me in a difficult position. Not only was I friends with Matthew for over 7 years, but his girlfriend and I have become close, and she even asked me to keep an eye on him. So what do I do? I told Matthew the next morning, right after I heard a combination of all these stories, and saw pictures and videos, and told him everything I had heard. After I gave him a mini recap, I told him that it was either going to be him to tell his girlfriend, or it was going to be me. HE chose to do it himself... 

But, everything is hear say. I'm not sure what I should believe and what I shouldn't. All, I know is that  if I was in her position, and my signifiant other was making out and talking shit about me to others, I would want someone to let me know - regardless if it is hear-say or not. SO, hopefully I did the right thing in this situation, and not screw anything up between them.
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