18 March 2015

What Did I Just Do?

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Today, I am linking up with Vashelle and linking up with Vashelle and Mia for Write it or Die Wednesdays! Today's prompt is the photo below. And, I decided to write a little short story.
"Why... why now? Tell me what I did and I promise I'll be better..."
"Please, talk to me. Everything was going so good up until now. It just doesn't make sense. You and I were getting along just this morning, then all of a sudden you're acting like this... What did I do Brad?  Please..." 
"Just go" 
"I can't. I won't. I shouldn't. I need an explanation please... Like, I know I didn't do anything wrong. Heck, I know I'm the best you've ever have. I was always there for you. I deserve at least an explanation." 
"I can't anymore. It's just not the same"  
"What do you mean? What happened for you to feel like this? Please. I need to know if it was me. I promise I'll do better." 
"Steph, just stop." 
"What do you mean stop? Stop what? Stop trying to make this work? Stop trying to get an explanation? Do you not get it... I love you, and I always will. IF you ever cared about me, you would at least give me the respect to tell me what I did." 
"Look, its nothing so drop it. Just go home. We are both tired. I'll talk to you later." 
"But, I don't want you to go" 
"Just go." 
"But, Brad" 
That's was the last time we spoke. The last thing I remember was seeing tears roll down her delicate looking face. No matter what, she was always beautiful. And, that is something I will most definitely miss the most, along with her smile, her eyes, her cute little nose... She was just so perfect. She left my room without a word, and without looking back. I heard her go down the stairs, and put on her shoes. 

I heard a pause of no movement. It was silent. Just as I was about to go downstairs to take a look, I heard her let out a a big sigh. Then she was out the door, closing the door behind her as quiet as possible. 

I ran to the window and I took a peak.  I saw her pull her hood on top of her head as she walked into the distance. Then in a split second, she turned the corner, and she was gone. I took a seat on my bed and had a feeling I've never felt. My heart dropped to my stomach. 

What did I just do? This girl means everything to me. 
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  1. This is beautiful and heartbreaking, Nessa. It makes me want to find out why Brad sent her away. And why they never spoke again. Ahhh, all the FEELS. :) Thanks so much for sharing your short story with us! I love it. xo

  2. I'm with Mia! Why, Brad? Why did you send her away?

    I love how this creative piece left us wanting to know MORE :) And I love how melancholy I feel after reading it. <---sometimes that feeling is just necessary.

  3. I am loving everyone's creativity. Yes why? We want more!

  4. Yay, I'm really glad you liked it! I like when you wrote short stories on your blog, so I was especially nervous for your opinion about this short story :)

  5. I usually don't feel comfortable writing a story and getting others opinions on it, so I'm really glad you enjoyed it :)