27 March 2015

Right Click, and Paste

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Today, I am participating in Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. I've been meaning to participate in her weekly linkups, but I somehow always find myself a little too late when it came to selecting a prompt, and actually writing it out. This time, I don't have any excuses, and I chose to open a blank blog post, then right click and paste. 

Here is what I pasted:

I know what you're probably thinking, "woah, that's a lot of dollars." Well, you're right. But, trust me, you are looking at this number wrong.

Here's the story: 

This past weekend was my sister's 19th birthday. And, the sister that I am, I decided, along with Jay and my cousin Neisha, to help her throw a BIG party. Like why not right? She'll be legal, and it just gives everyone an excuse to drink and just be with one another. So, thats what we did. Unfortunately, our planning and preparing kind of sucked. In fact, I did MOST of the shopping of everything the day before and the day of... 

So, as you could image, my credit card was crying for those two days. Because I haven't had this particular credit card for too long, my credit limit was only $2000. And, because the online statements do not update and show my purchases quickly, $1,160.00 actually indicates my available credit. So, I copied that number to subtract it from 2000 on a calculator, totalling to me owing $390.00.... joy. 

But, thank goodness I wasn't the only one spending money. When we all put our credit card totals together, we found out the party was literally almost $1000. What we spend money on to make it this much is a mixture of everything... renting the house for a day, buying all the alcohol, buying snacks, the amount of pizza kept ordering that night, everything just accumulated. 

But, hey. It was my sister's 19th birthday. Like go big or go home right? And, we went BIG, and it was just overall worth it. We've definitely set a new standard for parties in our social circle. I'm just happy my sister had just a great time as much as everyone had! 

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