10 March 2015


I don't think you understand how excited (yet sad) I am that Penelope is officially the age of 1! Well, to be honest, when Jay and I first got her, we didn't know when she was exactly born, but 1 year ago today, she was brought into our lovely lives. And, I cannot begin to say how excited I am to have her for this long! I only say that because there were a lot of people who doubted my caring of an animal ability because the amount of time I'm either in school or work, but somehow I did it!

Over the past year, I really learnt how to care for another being. And, it just amazes me all the time that Penelope is a living animal... An animal who put her trust me to care for her and give her the necessities! She is an animal that I've honestly fell in love with over the past year.

It is honestly hard to explain, but I think other pet owners can somewhat understand when I say that I've truly developed a connection with her! Whenever she acts a certain way, I already know what she wants or what she is trying to express. Like, if she's licking my hand, she's obviously showing her affection towards me, because I'm pretty much the ONLY person she'll lick. Like, there are soo many times where Penelope would just "attack" my sister and mother. I put "attack" in quotations because she's a rabbit... she can't hurt a human, but she's very aggressive towards them, always grunting and running away from them.

I've also learnt that Penelope really does trust me. She likes to follow me around the house; she tends to love sleeping on my bed acting like it is her own. When I come home from school or work, she's just at the top of the stair case waiting for me, and when I get near her, she goes on her back legs. I know this is bad, but SHE LOVES RICE; so whenever I'm eating downstairs, she goes on her back legs and start getting my attention by touching my leg to give her some. Oh, whenever someone else is holding her, she's too scared to jump down onto the ground from high up; but, if she smells my scent close by, she'll direct herself to my direction. And, when I'm close enough, she'll actually jump into my arms.

I can go on, and on about what she does, and what I can interrupt based on her actions. I love animals, and ever since I had the privilege of having her in my life, I've became more of an animal lover! I think I'm very lucky that she actually doesn't chew up on the wires, doesn't pee/poop on my bed, and bite the carpet; which is what I know other rabbits love to do!

Anyways, I could literally writes a seriously about my little bunny; but that might not be as exciting for readers as it is for me who is actually experiencing life with her! So, I decided to share some of my favourite pictures of her over the past year.

Like I said, I could probably make an entire serious about her! And, if you don't think she's adorable, but I'm sorry that's just absurd! Lol, just kidding!
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  1. she is so cute! AWWW she looks like she warms up and is people friendly. I had a rabbit who ran away, pooped and peed on me. sometimes she would pretend she likes me so I take her out the cage. and then she would scratch me and run away and I had to hunt her down again. she finally ran away for good. :( never saw he again.