20 February 2015

Yummy: Spoon and Fork

Last night my family and I randomly decided to go out to eat. And, because Lent has just started, and this year my sister chose to give up meat this year, my sister suggested to go out for sushi. I personally thought it was a great idea, well, you know, because it is sushi!

We had a choice between two sushi buffets to go to. Both were pretty much similar, having a restaurant feeling, but an option of a buffet. If I am not explaining it properly, then think of it like this, you are basically at a restaurant, but paying per person like at a regular buffet. We ended up going to Spoon and Fork and, you pretty much just as order as much as you want!

Since this was a sushi buffet, you already know my focus was on the food. We hard a wide array of seafoods to meat.  I enjoyed the food so much, I realized I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted... But, the place was too good, I will definitely be returning and doing another post! ;) For now, enjoy the few pictures I look!
Look how clean our table is before the food! 
Wonton soup
Spicy salmon role // Dynamite sushi
Thai salmon
Tiger Shrimp
Shrimp Tampura
Salmon sashimi
Look how messy our table ended up looking like! 
Like I said, I wish I would have taken more photos of the delicious food! But, I definetly will for the next time! ;)
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