18 February 2015

Thoughts on Growing Up

Today, I am linking up with Vashelle and linking up with Vashelle and Mia for Write it or Die Wednesdays! Today's prompt is the photo below. And, before I begin with my interpretation of the photo, I thought I'd travel back into one of my English classes a few years ago. If I remember correctly, we were discussing about different underlying themes that found in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in Wonderland. Since, this photo reminds me of a part from the story, I thought I'd talk about one of the most obvious themes.... Growing Up
I remember when I was younger, my parents would always tell me to cherish my childhood and not be so quick to grow up. They always wanted my sister and I to join and be apart of so many extra-ciricular activities, be involved in the community, join different teams, and just be a kid. I never really understood why... But, I do remember the first time I could wait to grow up.

Now that I'm in my third year of university, and graduating with my undergrad next year, the idea of growing up and doing more and more things on my own is just kind of scary. I've literally spent almost 17 years of my in school (from Junior Kindergarten to 3rd year of uni), and I just remember all the pressure there was to get good grades. Good grades to get into high school, good grades to get into university, and good grades to graduate university and potentially attend grad school. I also remember the competition between students based on grades and extracurricular activities in order to move on to the next phase of our lives. I guess I really never got the chance to fully cherish the moments. 

I kind of miss having those recess in elementary school, where my friends and I would just run around without a care in the world. I kind of miss the extra time I had to be apart of clubs and teams I took part in back in high school. I miss spending my free time with family. 

Is it crazy to think that once before I couldn't wait to grow up, but now I kind of just want to stay where I am? 

I'm 20 years old. I still live happily with my parents who pay for almost everything for my sister and I. Although they may constantly nag about certain things, there is no doubt in my mind that they continuously just want what's best for us. Besides the one part-time job I have, and all the studying I do on my own, my parents are the number one people who I can always count on. 

Growing up is just scary, but yet scary. Even though one day I will eventually move out, start my own family, and have my own life, I think it can be very exciting as well as scary. I may or may not know what the heck I am doing with my life, but I would hope it is with someone who has the same goals as I do. 

I think growing up is also sad... There's was something I saw the other day on instagram that really got me thinking. It said something along the lines of:
Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.
I may not show it all the time, but I absolutely love my parents, and I owe my entire life to them. I can only image what they feel when they think about my sister and I growing up.
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  1. Lovely post Nessa- you sound like you come from a good family :-) I don't think any of us know what we want to do when we grow up... except be happy. That's the most important thing :-) X

  2. Well I'm definitely old enough to be your mom. Having said that, I will say that the quote you shared is one of my favorite quotes. Something I remind my children, mainly my son about on a pretty regular basis. I do however remember my daughter when she was your age...still young, innocent, with her whole life ahead of her, yet in such a hurry to grow up. It is important to savor childhood, because all too soon, it is gone and then you become the parent trying to get your children to slow down. Great share!

  3. This is such a lovely post, Nessa! I bet if your parents could take a look at it it would bring a smile to their faces.

    I clearly remember wanting to grow up too fast. I think it is just a natural part of adolescence to want to be an adult already. But man, when you look back you realize how easy life was.

    Now I have a 13 year old myself, and I find myself telling her all the time "don't be so eager to grow up too fast." I try to impart my wisdom, knowing that even if it goes in one ear and our the other it surely has to leave some kind of imprint on her memory.

    I hope when she is 20 that she'll have the same gratitude for us as you do for yours. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That's a fantastic statement. It's hard that sometimes when we find out our parents are growing older is when they are already OLD.
    Enjoy your youth and cherish those around you!

  5. Growing up is definitely scary and exciting and rewarding and liberating - it's a bunch of things. It brings on a whole new perspective and set of joys and annoyances, lol. But I think it's great that you have such a great relationship with your family and appreciate them. :) Thanks for sharing and linking up with us!

  6. What beautiful words. You are very bright and insightful, your parents must feel very blessed. At 19 I moved out of home and went to University far away, it was scary but honestly it helped me grow up. I faced some horrific moments, but I learned to stand up for myself and find the strong girl I never knew existed. Your parents are right, don't rush it, make the decisions that are right for you, and embrace your family, friends and community. I recently shared my painful story on a website as I wasn't ready to share it on mine. Even though what I went through made me stronger and I have come through it stronger and with love, I should have let my family in. Never forget that your parents are strong and will be there no matter what. Good luck on your journey, you have wonderful things coming! http://reflectionsfromaredhead.com/fight-for-the-freedom-to-be-heard/ this is a link to where I shared my story if you are interested.