11 February 2015

Snow... I Remember

I live in a country where people assume we live in igloos. Yes, I am talking about Canada. So, of course we get more than our fair share of snow here. Nowadays, the snow is just vicious. Because of the wind and the drop in temperature, it freezes so quickly,  it hits you like little rocks... its just not a fun experience anymore. Personally, I don't like the negative that comes with the snow - the slow-moving traffic, all the car accidents causes traffic to be slower, the cold, icy-road conditions, etc. But, without snow, this wouldn't be Canada right?

There was a time I absolutely loved the snow.

I remember when I was little, the snow here was just absolutely beautiful! I remember we used to have the white fluffy kind of snow to! You wouldn't believe the amount of times I would try to make snowman's, but I wouldn't be able to because the snow was just soo soft. If I remember correctly, I remember always having that movie perfect white Christmas. There was just always snow from December - February.

Haha, I also remember being dressed in big thick coat, snow pants, boots, toque, mittens, everything possible. And, if I remember correctly, my style was no where perfect, lol. I don't remember it being so cold, but I was a kid, and I guess my attention was just at all the snow around me!


Oh, this random story just popped into my head. So, I apologize if this part of my post sounds a bit off. When my sister and I were younger, we were so sassy to our parents, but with good intentions of course. There was this one time I guess my sister and parents didn't see eye to eye. And, my sister, keep in mind she was like 4 years old at the time, got up and started putting on her coat and boots. Everyone was asking her, "Where are you going?" and she responded with a sassy tone, "I'm running away!" I was sad, being 5 at the time, but I remember my dad laughing asking her, "Where are you going to go?", and she said bye and walked out. I was looking outside the window as my parents watched my sister from the porch. My sister went to the neighbours place, and sat on their porch for a good 5 minutes. It was funny to me...

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  1. Snow does tend to bring back a lot of childhood memories for many.

  2. How cute the picture! It's funny how we all have fond childhood memories of snow. It's weird, but when I remember living with snowfall as a kid living in Colorado, Washington, Germany, Virginia and then Texas (on the rare chance we got snow), I don't remember the feeling of being cold. All I remember is the fun. :)

    Now, it's like if it below 55 degrees I swear it is freezing and miserable. Haha

  3. Aw, you're right, snow definitely brings its own set of headaches, especially the accidents, no thank you! :) But I do love being snuggled up at home with my kids and just spending the day together, snowed in, watching movies. Sometimes having snow days and resting at home can be wonderful. :) Thanks so much for linking up with us!

  4. I always wished for winter of snow, or just a day, for me where I live snow alludes me, my children have never seen it, nor has my husband, I have visited it and loved it and I must take my family one year. I guess I can see how the novelty would wear off, but it sure looks pretty, I loved reading of your childhood memory, it reminds me that I visited the snow with my sister when we were little, I remember I had such fun whilst my sister 4 years older than me sat in the car because it was too cold.

    Mackenzie Glanville from reflectionsfromme.comI