23 February 2015

Oscars 2015: My Fave Looks + Fave Performances!

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Last night was the 2015 Oscars! I think my favourite part of the Oscars is the red carpet! It is just because Hollywood stars go all out and dress very well for the event! And I have to say, this year, everyone looked absolutely stunning!

There are stars who stuck with the simple black and white gowns, yet still rocked it! And, there were stars who shined in their beautiful spring-inspired colours! Yes, those colours just make me absolutely excited for the cold to go away! 

Anyways, I chose some of my favourite looks, and some of my favourite couples! Hopefully you'll agree with some of the looks I fell in love with! 
The Ladies:
America Ferrera                   //                   Anna Kendrick                   //                   Emma Stone
Lupita Ngong'o                   //                   Sienna Miller                   //                   Reese Witherspoon
Sofia Vergera                  //                   Jennifer Aniston                   //                   Jennifer Hudson
My ALL TIME Favourite!
Scarlett Johansson                  //                         Jennifer Lopez                                 //                        Rita Ora
The Men:
Bradley Cooper // Chris Pine // John Legend // Josh Hufferson

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsoloo        //        Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston        //   Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

Fave Performances! 
Can I start off by saying that all the performances last night were just absolutely breathtaking? I decided to share TWO of my absolute favourite performances! 

Lady Gaga killed this medley! How beautiful was her voice? It was just stunning, and don't know about any of you guys, but I teared when Lady Gaga finished that performance and Julie Andrews comes out on stage! Like WOW! That was just such a beautiful moment for me!
If only I knew how to really express my feelings about this performance. I honestly believe that this was such a POWERFUL performance. It was so beautifully executed, and you could really see the passion behind the words John Legend and Common and sang. BRAVO! 
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  1. Emma Stone looks amazing!!