03 February 2015

My Typical Snow Day In Toronto

Yesterday, as most cities have experienced, Toronto had a snow storm. My interpretation of a snow storm can either be taken in a good way, or a bad way. And, it all depends on the cancellation of school due to the whether. However, before I get into that, I think it is important for me to tell you all about the mission my family endured when we had to drop my sister back to Hamilton (where she attends university).

I don't know what my sister said to convince my parent to drive her back, but somehow I was also dragged into this long travel, just to drop her off. On a good day, it would take around 40-45 minutes by highway to drop her off; if there was a bit of traffic, then I'd say 50 minutes the most to drop her back on campus. But, yesterday, was a completely different story.  Driving out of Toronto and passing through the cities, like Mississauga and Oakville, it was very apparent that it was snowing... But, as I kept driving, I noticed more and more snow being piled up on the highway.

I kid you not, it took us almost 2 hours just to drop my sister back onto campus! Like, it was so insane. And, in those 2 hours, my family and I saw at least 3 cars in a ditch, 5 cars being towed away with a tow truck, and 0 f*cks given about snow being on the highway. If I wasn't driving, and if the lighting outside was nice, I could have taken a picture of the beautiful white (almost light brown) snow that was accumulating on the roads before my eyes. It was just insane.

On the way back to Toronto was a different story. It took us about 1 hour and a half to get back home, and this time there were finally those big machine thingys that plow away at the snow and put salt on the ground. Anyways, as we were on the highway, I experienced a tag-team forming right in front of the cars. So, on a highway with 3 lanes, 7 blowing trucks and salt machines assembled a line blocking cars from passing them. Worst of all, they were driving slowly, so you already know us cars behind them were getting mad. IF you have me on snapchat, you probably would have seen a video I posted, or if you followed my personal twitter account, you would have seen a photo I uploaded. If not, look below! :)  

You can literally see the lights of the truck when they assembled their transformer line to ensure no car gets past them! 
Then, yesterday morning, it appeared that the snow storm I faced in Hamilton had come to my city! So, as I was already aware of the road conditions, I already made the decision to wake up few hours earlier just to be able to travel and get to school on time. Then, at exactly 6:05am, I received the most, and blessed text message ever! Then, I went on the twitter page to confirm to message...

Yes, it was definitely the really a beautiful message to wake up to! I was so excited to not risk my life just to get to school, that I couldn't sleep. Then, I started going on other universities twitter pages, and found out that other schools weren't closing, and there were a lot of upset students! Students actually upset that school officials made the wrong decisions. Lol, to be quite honest, this is what a lot of schools and students go through when it is snowing more than usual outside. All students want is just a snow day and chance to stay warm instead of commenting in the cold, while, as other students claim, schools want to kept open to for financial reasons. I dunno...

Anyways, as excited as I was, it was not fun staying home as I had to help my parents get the car out of the snow. And, boy was there a lot of snow to shovel... 

So yeah... that's my typical snow day in Toronto. If you're currently experiencing a snow storm, make sure you guys drive safely! And, if you can, stay home instead of being out there in the cold and horrible traffic. Have a great day everyone, xo! 

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