28 February 2015

Confessions of a Third Year Uni Student - #25

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This week has went REALLY fast. And by that, I really do believe that I was on autopilot or something. I feel like like although I went to class, and I took notes... I just wasn't present at all. It was very odd. I take handwritten notes in my linguistic anthropology class, and afterwards I usually transcribe them into electronic notes. This week, when I was doing so, I realized I have no idea what I wrote about. It was like I am reading someone else's notes... just very odd. 

Also, another autopilot instance that occurred this week was on Thursday. That morning was a bit hectic because I realized that I left my wallet in my dad's car, so I had to figure something out with him in order to get it back otherwise I wouldn't be able to drive to class later. Anyways, after I got my wallet, I proceeded to school, and for some reason I thought it was Wednesday. So, like every other Wednesday, I was at the cafeteria watching netflix until it was time for my tutorial. All of a sudden, something told me to look at the time, and my heart just dropped. I was so confused at the time, and realized I JUST missed my entire class... 

I was kind of freaking out because I was depending on that class to help me with one of my papers due on Monday... So, I asked my friends for some notes and she said they just did discussions about the readings.

Moving to just last night, I was writing my research and notes I had for my paper. Until I started to confuse myself. Don't you hate when that happens? I had a really good idea and concept that I was thought was really great. But, when I started doing the actual research and writing of the draft, I felt like it didn't relate back to what I was suppose to write about. So, I emailed my TA, and never received a response in a timely manner like I would usually. 

Then, I found out the TA's went on strike. Urg. Well that was annoying to find out. So, I emailed my professor hoping she would help with my direction of the paper, although she wouldn't be the one marking it. Well, I'm not sure if she would be marking it or not if the TA's are on strike.. Let's just cross one bridge at a time right? For now, I guess I'm going to have to work EXTRA hard on my two papers due early this upcoming week, especially since the TA's are on strike, and are really no help...
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