14 February 2015

Confessions of a 3rd Year Uni Student! - Week #23

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What a week, I must say. I started off the week freaking out! I literally had two midterms this week, one on Monday and the other on Tuesday. I know that they aren't on the same day, but I was still freaking out because lately I've been putting soo much pressure on myself to get into grad school. Like, I literally have pages of different grad schools and their requirements on my internet tabs as a constant remind of the grades I need. I no longer think it motivates me... it just stresses me out! 

Anyways, because there was just more content to study for Tuesdays test, I decided to study for that test first. Which I think was a great decision, because after Monday's test, I found the study load to be much easier for Tuesdays test since I've already gone through more than half of the material! For Mondays test, I thought I understood the material really well, so I crammed by memorizing definitions and the bigger concepts. 

I think the way I studied paid off well because I honestly felt confident after both tests. Surprising? I know, I was actually really proud of myself! I felt really confident after Mondays test, which really motivated me to study for Tuesday's test. Then for my psychology test on the Tuesday, I felt really confident with multiple choice AND short answers! There were literally 2 questions I was kind of iffy about because it was based on experiments discussed in class. So, I really had to think back to the different experiments for the different lecture topics. 

I actually just got back my mark for Monday's test, and I did sooo much better than I thought! I ended up receiving a 77.5%, which mean I got 78%! Yay, I am really happy with myself. It just shows that I am improving with my study habits, AND I am actually learning how to study smarter! 

Well, now I'm in an amazing mood. I cannot wait to receive my other test mark! This week will be great! It is reading week, that means one week off from school! And, I plan to defiantly get ahead/catch up on school. I also plan on beginning on all of my assignments that are shortly due, and study for another upcoming test. 

Have a great week! And, if your a fellow Canadian who also has a reading week, make sure you all RELAX and enjoy yourself! 
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