07 February 2015

Confessions of a 3rd Year Uni Student! - Week #22

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This week is was a bit hectic. Why? Well, because this upcoming week is hectic. Not only is it the last week before reading week, but it is also the week where all my profs decide to dump all the major midterms and assignments on us. Thanks for that, (if you couldn't tell, I was trying to be sarcastic).

Other than that... I've been feeling very behind in school. Why? Well, its probably because I'm the biggest procrastinator ever... Like take this post for example.. it is like being written hours after I intended on this even being posted. 

There really not much to report about school this week. It was pretty much a short one since Monday was a snow day (thank goodness!) You wouldn't believe the amount of the snow that was falling from the sky, and how much snow there was on the ground. I already planned that I wasn't going to travel; but the fact like my university decided to call it a snow day, just made me feel less guilty about missing class! 

I'm going to cut this post short.. I have two test this week, one on Monday, and the other on Tuesday. I really got to study and do well! Wish me luck, and enjoy the rest of your weekend! xo

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