24 February 2015

A Letter on Dates and the Like

You and I both agree that dating is difficult in itself. Yet, here we are 4 years later still "dating". Is that weird or what? To it me it is... and you know why. You're pretty much the only real relationship I've ever had. And I don't mean to sound naive but, I really do see us together for a long time. 

From the start I made it clear to you that I don't care much about materialist things. I'm the one who loves the sentimental gifts, and memorable time we have even if it just chilling in sweats. As long as it just us, I'm happy. 

I think its crazy to think where we started. Do you remember our first date? Haha, it was a double date with you best friend Jahleel, and his girlfriend at the time. We went to watch Fast 5 just because you guys wanted to (which I still give you a hard time for). I remember being so shy and nervous around you, even though we've been together for 5 months by then. I think it was because it was the first date I've been on in a long time, and you just made it really special. 

I also remember our most recent date, this past Valentines day. You took me to Kelseys, and basically bought us a feast! We even had to take the leftovers home, and was sad when we finished those leftovers late into the night. I remember we just chilled watching Friends, and just talked all night long. 

There are so many dates I remember because I am sentimental like that. Like December 10, 2010 or December 5th 2014, and SOOO many more in between those years. I appreciate every moment that we are together. And, truthfully, staying in and watching Friends is probably my favourite kind of date.
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  1. I’m in love with your blog! It was so interesting to read your posts and also I’d like to say that you have beautiful photos!

    Diana Cloudlet


  2. That is such a sweet letter! So sentimental and touching. So happy for you to be in such a loving relationship. :)

  3. FRIENDS! YES! Jason is a HUGE Friends fan so this letter would make him all kinds of thrilled. :) I'm so glad you've found someone who understands the way dating works for you... I remember dating a guy who wanted it to be a big To Do every time we went out together and, well, that was fun at first, but later on I wanted to be able to spend casual nights hanging out together.

    Thanks for joining!