22 January 2015

The Best Part of My Day!

Haha, if you have me on snapchat, or see all the photos I like and post on instagram, it really shouldn't be a surprised that coming home to Penelope is actually my favourite part of my day! Yes, I know, you may be thinking how on earth do I love coming home to an animal that is relatively independent compared to puppies? Well, I guess it is just the bond that Pay and I have developed for one another.

In March, I would officially have Pay for 1 year. It is honestly crazy how time flies. I remember when I first brought her home, she was absolutely scared, yet curious. And because she spent a few days at Jay's with his rabbit prior to coming to my place, she already got a sense of who I was. So, the day she officially "moved" in here, she was attached to me when something was unfamiliar to her.

I'm not exactly what it was that made her more trusting with me, but out of no where, it was just apparent the love she had for me. She would always chill near me, she always played with me, she hardly ever attacked me, and when she did, she would never bit, just nibble, and she could lay in one spot licking me for hours. Isn't this normal? Well, not for rabbits. Because they are usually prey animals, they are often scared. So for her to develop such a loving attachment to me just felt amazing. Especially when there was a HUGE difference in the way she behaved around other family members, and strangers from myself.

Anyways, back to the point of this blog post, Penelope is my favourite part of the day. I honestly cannot wait to get home from school or work just to see her, pet her, and for her to lick me. I love when she sees me, she loves to run around my feet, climb my climbs, or jump around the room with excitement. It is just too adorable, and I really do with my family can experience the bond I have developed with her over the months.

I still find it amazing how Penelope is a living being... a living being that I am taking care of and spending sooo much time with. She is just an amazing friend to come home to. 
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  1. My sister had a pet rabbit for a time and she was very much like a pet cat, sitting on the lap, laying beside her on the couch-- except she didn't purr.

  2. What an adorable rabbit! Animals are awesome.

  3. I LOVE that the best part of your day is coming home to a bunny. This just makes me smile so much.