07 January 2015

My Word of the Year 2015

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If you decided to take the time to read out some of the goals I set up for myself for the 2015 year, you may have realized that I want to be able to put myself first. Why? Well, sometimes people suck and decide to use my niceness and take advantage of me and not like to give back whenever it is time I need help. And I realized that when cases like this happened, I often found myself in a slump and not happy with myself. This year, things will be different.

That is why I chose happy as my word for 2015.

Reflecting back onto 2014, there are a lot of times I was just unhappy with the people around, and especially the way I've been treated by others. The worst part is, I felt like there were times where I just allowed this to continue and really not do much about it. So this year I am changing this.

So, from the way I see myself, to the way I see others, here are ways happy will successfully be my word for 2015.

Happy Body. This year, I want to be more happy with my body. More specifically, I want to be proud to show off my body. There is a reason you hardly (or ever) see full body shot photos on my instagram, or even Facebook. It is because I dislike the way I look. I could easily go on and on about what is wrong with me... But, instead of sitting here and complaining, I am going to change this. Whether that means being nicer with my thoughts about my body, or even working out to get my body, I will do it.

Happy Thoughts. I am a firm believer that thoughts affect the way we behave. If we have negative feelings, then we will behave in a way for negative things to happen. This year, I want to change the way I see people and my surroundings. Happy thoughts will equal a happy life right? This year, I want to focus on seeing the positive in those I usually have quick doubts about.

Happy Heart. I keep saying that I want to put myself first. But, I need to be real here... I am actually not entirely selfish, so of course there will be times when I will put others before me. Which, I personally think is a good thing because it makes me happy knowing I'm making a difference in someone else's life. Having a happy heart definitely includes putting more of an effort with my family, and Jay, and my friends.

I know its been 7 days since New Years, but hey, its never too late to change the way I want to live my life! Have you chosen a word? Let me know :) 

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