01 January 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR! + 2015 Goals!

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Happy New Year everyone! It is officially the first day of 2015 and I am just excited to see what this year has in store for me. 2014 was a pretty good year for me, and I am honestly hoping Newton's law doesn't come true for 2015 (what goes up, must come down). So, this year I will definitely be giving off a lot of positivity in hopes for more positivity to return my way!

In 2014, I found myself struggling with who I am as a person. I learnt new things about me, like what I was capable of doing. However, I also learnt new things that I was afraid of. It weird, 2014 has definitely been a learning process especially when it came to accepting who I am. This year, I will make it more about me rather than others. It is time to put the focus on me, and no more depending on others.

Last year, I wrote down a bunch of goals I wanted accomplish in 2014. This year, it will be no different. This year, I will again share the many goals I have set for myself for the upcoming year. By making it public, it is making me more accountable for what I said I will do. So, here are my goals for 2015:

  • Make more blogger friends
  • Attempt to comment more on others blogs
  • Co-Host a linkup
  • Reach 200 followers by the end of 2015
  • Create/design a new blog layout!
  • Start to volunteer at hospitals/rehab centres
  • Ask questions to academic counsellor, instead of leaving them wondering in my thoughts
  • Build up references
  • Start looking at grad schools to apply for next year

Fitness and Health
  • Lose up to 40lbs 
  • Exercise 4-5 times a week (even if it is just for an hour)
  • Eat healthier
  • Cut the fast food intake (including my favourite.. burgers and fries)
  • Raise my GPA to 3.7 on the 4.0 scale
  • Build relationships with my profs (like going to more office hours)
  • Use my agenda more often 
  • Study ahead of time
  • Put myself first
  • Sleep regularly and for a good 8 hours
  • Do things that make me happy
  • Work more and spend less
  • Work on myself - physically, emotionally, mentally 
  • Learn to be happy with what I have
Okay, so as I was writing these goals, I realized that I probably should have written this post a few days ago... these are definitely not ALL my goals.. but you get the general idea! Happy New Year to you and your families! I hope 2015 will be just as good to you as 2014 was for me!

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