31 January 2015

Confessions of a 3rd Year Uni Student! - Week #21

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I am feeling overwhelmed. 

I just feel like there is so much to do, and so little time. And, I really think it just happens to be the courses I chose this semester. It is so weird to me... Last semester I took 5 courses, and this semester I am only taking 4. So, you'd expect me to feel like I'd have more time. But, that is just the opposite of what I am feeling. These courses I have this semester just as soo much readings to keep up with! Like, I really do think that I feel like this is such a heavy course load I have this semester. 

Urg. I really do not know. I'm just stressing out. One of my anther class quizzes us weekly, solely based on the readings. Okay, so of course I have to keep up with those readings. But, my other anthropology class gives us pop up quizzes, also based on the readings... so, yeah I have to keep up with those readings as well. Then, we have my psychology classes. BOTH classes literally want us students to read 2 chapters a week. So, if you add that up, in order for me to be keeping up with ALL four of my classes, that requires me to read 7 chapters a week... which, lets be honest... is way too much. 

On top of that, I had my first mini assignment due this past week, and I felt like I did great. Let's just hope that translate to the grade!

Anyways, I have my first midterm this Friday, and I am extremely nervous. The prof that I have is relatively new, and we are basically her first class she is teaching. And so, she goes through the 3 hour lectures fairly quickly, while bombarding us with information after information. On top of that, she decides to throw in guest lectures, who do not even follow our textbook chapters... Our prof even sent us an email telling us to not focus on the guest lecture slides, but more on the chapters... which means I have to teach myself information that I paid hundreds of dollars to be taught to me. 

I should really get back to teaching myself information for Friday's midterm. I just cannot wait for this week to be over because next week it is reading week. A perfect opportunity to not only catch up on everything else, but on my life as well! 

Have a good weekend!

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