24 January 2015

Confessions of a 3rd Year Uni Student! - Week #20

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Okay, another week has come and gone, fairly quickly I might add. I don't even remember what exactly I did for school this week, but I remember being really stressed out! So, literally on Sunday night, I got off the waitlist for a course that is required towards my anthropology major. I was kind of relieved because I didn't want to put this off until next year, or even for the summer. I felt like it was better to get it over with it right away. 

So, once I got into the course, I unfortunately didn't have access to portal, which is the university base teachers use to interact with their students, like post up lecture slides, announcement anything important, or even post practice test questions. Luckily, I have a friend in the course who quickly sent me the course syllabus... and then the assignment. I was kind of shock to find out that I had an assignment due on Wednesday based on the readings from the classes I missed, since I was waitlisted. 

I looked at the course syllabus to find out that there were 8 books I had to buy. And although they were fairly old, and relatively cheap in comparison to other textbook in other courses, it was basically reading 1 book per week. I already felt the stress. Why? Well, my two other classes tests us weekly on information based on the readings. So, I already have a hard time keeping up with those two classes and the readings, plus I have this other course where the teacher wants us to read 2 chapters per week.. Like what? Common... I already have a hard time keeping up with 1 chapter in a course, let alone two. 

Anyways, I decided to just suck it up and get it all done. Tuesday was actually my first day of tutorial or the course I recently enrolled in. When I got there, keep in mind I have yet to attend a lecture, everyone was participating on last weeks readings that I had obviously not read. Embarrassing when she tried putting me on the spot for my opinions. Towards the end of the tutorial, the TA actually came to me and asked me to sign up for a day to give a presentation. And because I just enrolled in, of course the other students signed up first, leaving me with next week to give a presentation. 

The moment I left that classroom, I went online and dropped the course. Why did I give up so easily? Let me tell you. For this course alone I would have an assignment due next Wednesday, a midterm on Wednesday, and a presentation next Tuesday? Oh, and I didn't attend any of the lectures, or do the readings. I simply just did what was best for me and decided to drop the course and take it next year. 

Besides that ONE event that seem to have taken over this post, I was just feeling extremely stressed with readings and school that I decided to hit the gym. I went to the gym on Thursday and Friday, and boy did it felt amazing! I honestly cannot wait to get back into the rhythm, and actually maintain my attendance at the gym in order to reach my ultimate goal of losing 40 pounds this year. 

... So yeah, that was my week. Hopefully this post doesn't depress you. I've got work today... so there goes another day without getting much school work done. I swear, if only I was able to function without sleep, I would be caught up with everything. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

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