17 January 2015

Confessions of a 3rd Year Uni Student! - Week #19

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Well... its back! If you actually read this series, you probably already know that the last time I wrote was back in November... yeah, I actually counted, it was pretty much 10 weeks ago :/ opps, sorry! Like I always say, I've been busy with school... and by the time exams came around, I was completely absent. Then, my Christmas break started, and I really didn't have much to update and write about my school.

But, it is the second week back into the new semester, and I must say that I am extremely stressed out, already. Over the Christmas break, I took the time to write down all the courses I need in order to receive my Bachelors in Science for this semester, and next year. Then, I realized that although I am on the right track, my only problem was actually selecting which courses will work best  as courses do not overlap. Does that make sense?

Anyways, it was a stressful process, and truthfully I keep looking back at this schedule to ensure I have everything right. I really, really, really, I want to graduate on time, especially with my friends to share the moment with. So, as I am ahead in my schedule, there is still a few gaps I need to fill in. 

So, that means, this semester I completely changed my schedule, including the courses I decided to take. I am currently taking 4 courses; linguistic anthropology, preworld history, cognitive psychology and child and adolescent disorders. I think it is a great selection of courses, and I am really interested in what I am learning so far. I am also on the waitlist for another anthropology course, which I am hoping to get in this week to knock off one of the courses I plan to take next year.

Besides this entire stressful process of ensuring I will graduate with the appropriate number of credits AND on time, I am already feeling behind in my readings. I created my schedule for myself prioritizing which readings to get done first. So far, the plan is to try to do at least 2 chapters a day.. I should be caught up by the time the first midterm comes around (Jan. 30).


I have work today... the first shift I had in weeks. Why? Well, last week they decided to call me and cancel my shift since there as "not much work" to do. I think having a part-time job like this actually motivates me to do well in school. No way do I want to do retail for the rest of my life, and no way do  I ever want my shifts to be randomly cancelled. I want a stable and reliable career. But for now, the part-time job is what I need to start saving up for grad school!

Have a great weekend, xo! 

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