29 December 2014

My Christmas Recap

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It is the weekend after Christmas, and boy did was it a great Christmas! This year, I wanted to give more to others rather than receiving. And because I feel like I already have everything I could ever want since I've been able to afford things on my own, I didn't really have any idea what I wanted whenever anyone would ask me what I wanted for Christmas. Anyways, so this year, I actually put a lot of thought into other people's gift.

My sister and I put our money together and got our parents a spa package. Can I just say, we did not realize spa packages would be soo expensive, especially the couples package. So, theres a warning to anyone trying to get anyone a spa package as a gift, make sure you save A LOT to purchase it! We got our family friends very personal gifts rather than just the chocolate gifts we would usually purchase for the entire family. Then, for us cousins, we decided to buy each other gifts during boxing day sales and exchange them when we see each other for our family New Years party.

Other than that, I got a lot of chocolate this year, and I got a few makeup kits that includes makeup brushes and a pouch, I thought that was pretty nice because I tend to break my brushes fairly quickly! Oh, and I made a lot of cash from the aunties and uncles! Which helps me pay off my credit card lol!

This year, I decided to spoil Jay. He usually spoils me with gifts and lunch/dinner. So this year I wanted to really make an effort and make him feel special. He always talks about how he never had a Christmas where his family would spoil him with gifts, and this year I wanted to really change that. So I bought him more than 1 gift, that definitely put a lot of thought into it. I got him a Xbox One, just because his 360 system was starting to slow down and I feel like he needs a good distraction whenever he's stressed out. I also got him that Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare game... I don't really know the game, but he really ended up loving my selection. I also bought him a few crewnecks. I got him a juicer, since he decided to be more healthier and workout more in 2015. And I got him microsoft word/powerpoint/excel for when he starts school! Yup, I gave a lot this year to my main. 

This year, because I got my own job and made my own money, I really didn't mind giving more to those around me. Words sometimes cannot express my feelings, and I think gifts that have a lot of thought behind them shows appreciation. After all, actions do speak louder than words.

I wish I took my pictures. But, when you have so much fun with family and friends, you don't really think about taking pictures. You just want to live in the moment! But, I really do wish I did capture some of those moment! But, its alright, I do have just a few to share with you all! Hope you guys had a great Christmas! 

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