04 December 2014

"I Can't Breathe."

I can't breathe.

I think there was a total of 2 times I said these exact words. And from what I can remember, it was just the scariest feeling. I was in a state of panic, and all I could think about what me not being able to breathe! Fortunately, I was lucky to have others around me who cared about my well being and physically helped me.

Unfortunately, this was not the case for Eric Garner. If you some of you guys don't already know, he was killed in July from a chokehold position from an officer. He died after saying, "I can't breathe" 11 times. How do I know this? How does everyone know this? There is a video on youtube. The worst part of this entire situation was the fact that the officer involved was not found guilty.

I live in Canada... and what scares me the most about this entire situation was how I didn't even hear about Eric Garner until I saw it on social media. In July, I believe I first read about it on twitter. Then about yesterday's verdict on tumblr, only because I saw vines of protests and people shouting out "I can't breathe." And the video of Eric? Well, I saw that on youtube as well.

Is it just me, or do we live in a world where social media brings everyone information that is not shared through news stations? I find this very odd. And I have nothing against Canada, it is probably because it is a U.S. matter... (as I am sure the States hardly have news about us).. but, I think it should matter as there are constantly reoccurring murders being done by people we are suppose to trust. Like common... you cannot expect me to believe that this is the first incident showing clear racism?

I am not African, nor Jamaican, nor Caribbean and I do not have a dark skin complexion.  And although my line of family (that I know of) has not endured the horrible time of slavery, I am still an understanding person. Heck, having a brown dad who is very dark skinned, and I still see the racism that is going around with the way others treat him. It might not be to the same degree, but the behaviour is still present.

I find it extremely sad how the actions of Martin Luther King or Rosa Parks seem to be just a distant memory in so many countries. I find it disgusting how others still see themselves more superior than others based on skin colour, race, age and sex. And I cannot fathom the fact that if it wasn't for social media, a lot of us would be walking around unaware of the struggles that other people are enduring.

R.I.P Eric Garner #icantbreathe

*** disclaimer: please note that this post is not intended to slander one race, or side with another race. I am simply posting my feelings and response to the Eric Garner case. *** 

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