03 December 2014

A Rant About Lazy Students

As you guys know, I am currently a third year university student. So, as you can imagine, things are definitely starting to get more tougher - in terms of workload, the weight of our tests, oh and the importance of each course for Grad school in the upcoming years. Like, we've all been there, and I think it is safe to say that as we get closer to graduation, the reality of it sets in, and the unknown future scares us.

I don't know about other students, but the unknown future actually motivates me to do much better in school. Why? Well, right now I am all over the place about career options. But, as we will in a competitive society, I feel like as long as I have a high GPA, I will have many available opportunities. With that being said, you would think that others students also have this mind set... but, I guess I was wrong.

This morning, I received an email from some random guy... and when I mean random, I literally don't know this guy. And his email went a little something like this:
Hey Vanessa!
I was wondering if you could possibly send me ANT211 Lectures, 8, 9, and 10 notes. (last 3 lectures) Nov. 13,20,27.
I was also wondering if you could possibly send me PSY345 Lectures 11, 12 and 13 notes. (last 3 lectures) Nov. 12,19,26.
Thank You!
So, when I saw this, I was actually really upset. Why? Because this wasn't the first time this same person has emailed/fb messaged me asking me for notes.  The first time he asked me for notes was for our second midterm when he messaged me asking for notes. I'm not going to lie, I felt bad for him at the time because he told me how he was sick and had to miss a lecture or 2 for both courses. So, I did send him my notes. 

Like, for that same test, a lot of people in the course sent out mass emails to everyone in the course asking for some notes. Because I did it for one person, I decided to share with others. No big deal. It's whatever. But, it kind of annoyed me when I started to recognize names who also sent these emails from other courses of mine. Clearly there was a pattern here. 

Anyways, I usually do give my notes to those who claim they were sick and missed a class. But, this guy literally missed 3 weeks of class and needed my notes? I mean like common, at least tell me you were wayyyyyyy to sick and couldn't go to school for those three weeks. Like why are you depending on my notes. 

And I really didn't like the fact how this guy sent me an email, as if he was demanding me to send him my notes. Like, you really couldn't get your ass out of bed for an 9am class on a Wednesday, then stay late until a 5pm class on Thursday? 

Like, I really think it is ridiculous and selfish of this guy to even ask me for my notes. I drove to school (and I live in a different city), and I made sure I made it to class to take notes for myself. NO where did I sign up to take notes for lazy students. And I know this because the only thing I signed up for in school was to take notes for those with a disability and unable to take notes in class. And even then, that program keeps me and the other student anonymous from each other. 

Whatever, at this point I don't think I will help me... but knowing me, I'll probably end up sending him the notes. I'm nice like that -.-


  1. I totally get that! If it's once or twice, it's one thing, but if they are constantly asking? Totally sucks and I would say that I missed that day, too! lol

  2. lol yeah I haven't really replied back to him... I was thinking about not doing so at all, but I think I'm gonna go with what you said, and say that I missed those days! lol :P

  3. I get that! I just transferred to a first year programme (again) after changing my degree and our lecturers give us a "preview" of what is going to be in every end of semester exam. Well, a friend of mine couldn't be bothered to go to class to get the answers he needed. I asked him where he had been the night before and he said that he was hungover. Sorry, but no dice. Ha. I sound like a bitch, but our lecturers put EVERYTHING on an online database that we can access anytime and he hadn't even thought to check there first. Gah. Sorry. Grinds my gears. Haha.