03 November 2014

Weekly Wishes #39

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Happy Monday bloggers! It is that time of the week to be linking up with Melyssa for Weekly Wishes. This is a great linkup to share weekly goal and receive some encouragement from others who also have wishes/goals for the week!
Last Week's Wishes
Okay, soooo.... I think I was able to complete a few of my wishes from last week. For one, I didn't go to the gym because I can't find my t-card, which allows me access to the gym. But, I did clean and reorganized my room (finally), and I am super happy that it looks so clean. I am no longer frustrated when I look around!
This Week's Wishes
  1. STUDY STUDY STUDY! Okay, I have a busy week... again. I have a test on Wednesday and a test on Thursday. I am stressing out so much because for the past few weeks, I've been having 1-2 tests a week, and now for these tests, I am complete behind with readings. It is insane with the amount of readings I have to ensure to catch up, and I have to study concepts. Sooo much to do, so little time. 
  2. Plan blog prompts. I've been busy with school that I missed last week and a few days of blogging.  I decided to plan (like a to do list format) of blog prompts I would be blogging about everyday. Hopefully, I am able to catch up on my blogging for the month! 
  3. Find my t-card. If I am unable to find my tcard, my only option is to really purchase to another one. It should only be $12-$13. But, I really wanna hit the gym especially since my birthday is coming up! 
  4. Hit the gym 4-5 times this week. Yes, I need to make sure I stick to this plan, and actually hit the gym to lose weight and attain my dream body! Also, my birthday is coming up, soooo it would be nice to look great for my birthday weekend! 
These are my wishes for the week.  If you're participating and happened to hop onto my blog, leave your link so I can leave some encouragement as well! Have a great Monday, xo

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