19 November 2014

Twenty Thoughts on Turning Twenty

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Guess what! 

Today is my birthday, and I turn 20 years old. Oh-em-geee. I didn't think this would be a big deal, because I didn't feel much of a difference in my past birthdays. But, I don't know what it is, this one feels absolutely different! As I was staying up to work on my assignment (ahead of time I might add), I heard my mother's alarm go off 10 minutes to 12:00am. Then, all of a sudden, I started to get nervous. I'm not sure of what, but I think I was actually nervous about turning 20!

The only other time I could really remember being excited  was for my 13th birthday. I was sooo excited about being a teenager.  Then, as the year gone by, I got less and less excited. Even for my 18th and 19th birthday, yes, of course I was happy, but I wasn't as excited as I was about turning 13. But, here I am. 20 years old, and I don't know if it is just me or not, but I honestly feel different! And this, was something I didn't expect from myself!

So, in honour of my 20th birthday, I decided to share 20 thoughts I have about being in my 20s!
1. I want to... study abroad. Or just go to a different country for a year and live through the eyes of another culture. 

2.  I'm excited for... my birthday weekend! (well, not this weekend), but in December when I celebrate my bday/jay's bday/ our anniversary!

3. I'm scared... that I won't live up to my own standards!

4. I'm loving... GLEE!

5.  I'm hoping that... I'll graduate from university, and move on to greater things!

6. I'm currently... petting Penelope

7. I want to... take excreting and dieting more seriously!

8.  I'm excited to... get out of my comfort zone and just try new things!

9. I'm grateful for... the love and support I have

10. I'm inspired by... love

11. I want... a puppy or a bunny! Just a little buddy for Penelope!

12. I'm scared and excited... to be brave enough to move out of my parents... eventually!

13. I'm excited to... live day by day in my 20s!

14. I don't want to... get wrinkles!

15. I want to... get married within the next 10 years :)

16. The best thing about being a teenager was... being a teenager and just having my parents to fall back on!

17. I'm hoping... I'll find my dream career that I'll love

18. I want to... learn a new language! Thinking about trying sign language.

19. I'm scared of... getting older

20. I'm thankful for... my life, and being able to make it this far.

Cheers! I'm definitely going to live up my 20s!  


  1. Happy 20th birthday and welcome to your 20s! I want to take up sign language too but my local schools that teaches them are bit out of my budget right now, maybe in the future! But, HONESTLY, do not stress yourself out! You're only 20 and it's okay to feel like you won't live up to your standards but just continue on to reach towards your dreams and goals (even road bumps comes ahead) and eventually you'll reach your standards and dream! You're too young to be stressing about the future but it's not a bad thing to plan it all out now.

  2. thats honestly so encouraging :) thank you sooo much for this lovely comment ! :)

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!
    -Study Abroad- just do it!!! Go go go my dear!! It is the best way to see the world!

  4. thank you! and yes! I absolutely agree :)

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    Happy NaBloPoMo to you!



  6. Happy belated birthday!
    I also really want to go and live/work abroad for a year or so, it would be amazing!
    Please make sure that you blog lots about it if you do, I'd love to read about your travelling experience! :)