13 November 2014

A Beautiful Sight

Okay, I'm not saying I am an advocate or anything for this type of behaviour, which seems to be deemed from society. I am simply just commenting on its beauty! :)

The other day, I decided to go see my optometrist because, well why else would you go see an eye doctor? I knew my eye sight was getting a bit blurrier than usually, and what was worse, one of the chapters I was studying was about visual impairments. And just staying that chapter and noticing changes in my sight scared the hell out of me! So, I decided to go to the eye doctor to really seeing things straight about whether or not my eye sight was getting a little worse or not.

Turns out I was actually right. My eye sight was getting worse! Okay, I lied. It isn't that bad, so I really shouldn't complain because at I least I am still able to see.  But, you know, I was never really a fan of glasses because I have a big round face. And you can sit there laughing and questioning wha tis going on in my head, but I'm not kidding. I have a big and round face, so most eye glasses frames won't look good on me. It takes me forever to find a style that I like and actually sits on my face properly without making me feel self-conscious. Why else do you think I've gone with contacts for years?

But, this time I decided to get glasses. Why? Well, I was actually still fortunate enough to have a pretty good eye sight. Like, I'm only required to wear my glasses for far distances, like powerpoints  in class. So, instead of wearing contacts, I Decided to go for a change, a change that was also covered by insurance, and have glasses.

So, while waiting at the eye doctors for the lens to put into the frames, I decided to walk around the block. Something I haven't done in a while. I've pretty much been around the area growing up as a kid because my elementary school is around the corner, and babysitter lived really close. So, it was actually really relaxing going down memory lane.

Something that caught my eye however, was the graffiti. Usually graffiti doesn't catch my eye in a positive way, but the ones I saw was just absolutely beautiful. like the colours were just amazing,a and it really made me even more thankful for being able to view the beauty around me. An I'm saying this coming from a test about visual impairments, and the causes and treatments of visual impairments. 

So, I guess what I've learnt from that day at the optometrist is that, instead of complaining about have glasses that won't even fit my face, I really should be thankful for having an eye sight. Unfortunately, there are people in the world who don't have the ability, and I really think it is a shame that we who can see, really do take things for granted. This is something I really need to think about when it starts to snow in the near future! 

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