17 October 2014

Stop Faking

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Today's post reading: Romans 12:1-21 (ESV)
Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good. - Romans 12:9
I think today's passage speaks a lot more about genuine love. For the past couple of weeks, I've been talking about loving everyone regardless of the way you've been treated by them. But, I think it is important to mention the difference between showing love and pretending to love others.

In the particular verse above, Paul wrote, "Abhor what is evil; hod fast to what is good." This can take a whole different meaning to anyone. But to me, I think Paul is trying to further clarify to us what false love is. False love is evil where it begins and comes from sinful and fake desires towards others.  It came come from a place to show others that you an example of God's child. This type of mind set is absolutely wrong, and needs to be stopped immediately.

The moment we perceive life to show others how Christian we are, ruins the entire meaning and purpose of why Jesus died for us in the first place. By doing so, we are basically making a mockery of His love for us.

In the passage, Paul reminds us that brotherly love continues to be important, especially a key difference between showing and pretending to love others. This idea ties perfectly to our internal love we have for our physical siblings and parents. Yes, of course we may have arguments and fights with them here and there, but that doesn't change the way you love them. We need to embody this internal love and now reflect it onto others. Why? Because we are all children of God. And we need to show our appreciate to Jesus through our actions, thoughts and words towards each other.

This can be hard, but it takes time. Believe me when I say I had my fair share of people who've hurt me in the past. I shown love towards them by simply respecting them and not hurting them back they way I've been hurt. Rather instead, I removed myself from the situation - which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Not only am I releasing myself from a bad situation, I am also avoiding the possibility of pretending to love that person if there is ever an interaction.

To love is to comes from within. The moment we begin to pretend to be happy for others, or pretend to care for others is a true reflection of your appreciation for the Lord and all that has happened for us to start a life without sin.  Jesus showed love to all His disciplines and followers. Remember when got down to wash the feet of His disciples and followers? Are we really not able to show the same, if not more?
Today is the 10th day of the 16 day plan in my journey of reading, reflection and responding to what the bible says about love. If you'd like to follow alone, join HERE and perhaps start your own journey! Ready to go on this journey with me? Well then, let's get started!

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