01 October 2014

If I Won The Lottery...

I’m not one who usually enjoys playing the lotto. I think it is soo stressful, especially when playing in a group and you have to remember whose turn it is to purchase the ticket, who owes how much, or how to split $5 winnings. I just find the entire thing stressful. If you ask me, I rather play those scratch games like LIFE or crosswords. Something easy like those.

Nevertheless, Jay and I still like to image what we would do if either one of us won the lottery. And, just like everyone else, of course I have major plans!

If I won the lottery:
  • Invest my money in the bank
  • Pay off my parents house
  • Pay off my parents debts
  • Pay off all of Ashley, Jays’ and my school debt
  • Buy myself a little house, that I will later be able to afford, even after the lotto winnings are gone
  • Send some money back home to my grandma
  • (Finally) buy myself my own car – either an eclipse or an rsx
  • Give money to Neisha family
  • TRAVEL THE WORLD: yes, I’ve been to many places, but it would be nice to just get away for the year with my closest people; most likely Jay, Neisha and Ash.
  • Donate to Princess Margret Cancer Research

I wrote this list in class, so I am sure I’ll be adding more to the list above once I realized what I forgot. What would you do if you won the lottery? Let me know!

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