18 October 2014

Confessions of a 3rd Year Uni Student! - Week #5 and #6

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Hey guys! Another week has passed, fairly quickly I should add again. I missed my post for last week which is why the title of this post is both #5 and #6. I actually don't remember how week #5 of school went. All I remember is having two tests, one on Wednesday and the other on Thursday. I thought I did fairly well. But I just got my mark for one of them, and I felt that I did really well... instead I got a 70%. Like I know 70% isn't a bad mark, but I honestly thought that I did better. Now I just gotta wait to get back my other test mark.

This week went by quickly, of course because we just had our Thanksgiving long weekend meaning there was no school Monday. WOHOOO! But regardless... I spend the entire weekend and beginning of the week studying for the bell ringer I had this past Thursday. And might I add how you really need to know you stuff in order to do well on a bell ringer!

It's a human osteology course, so memorizing all the different parts of the cranial skull plus the cranial nerves and what bone articulate with what was part of the test. There were 30 stations, 2 minutes per questions. Like I said, you really had to know your stuff to answer the questions. There were different bones like the occipital bone, frontal bone, parietal bone, frontal bone, sphenoid, ethmoid, lacrimal, inferior nasal conchea, maxillae and others. We had to identify specific parts that were labelled. It was hard.

One part that was really cool was the bonus question. There was a bonus question that consisted of us putting one hand in a mystery box and guess the bone and side it. I thought it was the right maxillae... but my other friends thought it was a zygomatic, or even the left maxillae. I wonder what it really was.

On the test we also were given a tooth. We had to name it (either incisor, canine, premolars, molar), decide if it is a baby tooth or adult tooth, say if it part of the upper teeth or lower teeth, and decide if it is from the left side or right side of the mouth.

Anyways, that was really the highlight of my week. Crazy how a test would be the high light of my week. I guess it is only because I just never had a bell ringer experience like that. Like for half of the test I felt like I did very well whereas the other half I could have done well. WE just have to wait and see for my test marks.

Besides that one test, I've been exhausted. I had work Tuesday morning at 7:30am and later class throughout the evening. So that night, having it be Thanksgiving Monday, I of of course went to bed late. Then Tuesday and Wednesday night I went to bed late because of studying. So yeah, I'm a bit sick. And I'm actually worried. This ebola thing is spreading around very quickly! It is like that movie contagion! Scary stuff guys! 

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