04 October 2014

Confessions of a 3rd Year Uni Student! - Week #4

It has been 1 month I've been in school, and must I say that the days are going by extremely quick. Like now that I think about it, the other day was just Monday and I was hoping the week wouldn't go by quick. Yet, here we are seconds later sitting in my room thinking what the heck did I even do this week?

I have two test this upcoming week, an exceptionality psych test on Wednesday, and then my anthro test on Thursday. Two completely different subjects, so I'm going to have to definitely study twice as hard than usual to start off the course with a great mark! Okay, so the plan is to study while creating a study sheet at the same time for both my subjects. It might take more than Saturday just to study everything this weekend. As I've been saying, I no longer want to study the night before a test... so I am determined to study as much as I can now days before the midterm. Makes sense? okay.

OH, another thing I wanted to talk about was how yesterday at work, I saw my work schedule for the next two weeks. Dare I say it on the internet? I wasn't too happy. I really should be more smarter when giving my availability hours because I find myself working on a Tuesday from 7am-1pm. Why is this so bad? Well, considering the fact that I have class later that day from 3-5pm, then a tutorial from 6-7pm... It will definitely be a long day. I don't know how people do it... manage both school and a job? And there are even some students who manage 2 jobs. It's crazy, but I commend you all!!

But, I need the money... so I somehow have to make it work, balancing both school, my social life, and now more hours at work. The moment I noticed myself unable to balance everything, I'm definitely going to rethink things about work.

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