01 October 2014

Challenging Myself for October!

It is the first day of October, so happy October anyone! The other day, I was really looked into the upcoming months. My birthday is next month, and I really wanted to go to a different city with the girls and Jay's guys to just party it up. And because the party would be for me, I really want to look good. So this month, I am challenging myself to legit go all out and make my body a priority.

I'll be first to admit that I am definitely not happy with certain parts of my body. For example, my arms. I feel like they are just big flab that I will never be able to get rid of. So, instead of bringing myself down about my body, I decided to enhance some of my favourite parts of my body - yes this is the positive way of doing things.  Personally, I like my ass, and legs. So I definitely want to create more of a shape to them. I also want to have a tinier waist.

So what am I doing? I'll definitely be participating in those 30 day challenges. In fact, below are the ones I will be sticking to for the rest of the month. I think next week, I'll even write up a legit workout schedule to share with everyone! 

Yes, all of these challenges won't create DRAMATIC changes in over a month. But, the way I see it, if I stick to something for a month, I will be more motivated to continue my progression in order to get where I want. Are any of you guys challenging yourself to get in shape? Let me know!

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