27 October 2014

A Letter to my Younger Self

Dear Lil Nessa,

You've always been this little cutie waddling around. Don't let anyone bring you down - especially about your weight. Trust me... it becomes an asset later on in life, trust me, you'll be more appreciative about your body later on! Your cheeks, love them as much as you can! Those are literally your money makers which people just adore! It will always makes you look more younger, and makes other second look at you.

Why am I talking about the way you look so much? Because I want to let you know that everything will be okay. You will go through many of the struggles about your weight due to comments here and there, but I need you to not worry. Please don't make the mistake of doing something that will harm you later. You are beautiful and I think this is something you need to remind yourself, especially when your feeling your worst.

You're in elementary school, and you'll meet your best friend Dianne. Keep her close! She's someone you'll want to have for the rest of your life. When she gives you your number, make sure you keep it somewhere so you can call her that day she moves (sorry to spoil that). But, here is a better surprise, you will end up seeing her soon in the future. Are you excited? Me to! I'll just tell you, you'll one day see her in your first year of .... university! So keep her close if you wanna be as close with her as you were before!

Your mom loves to expose you to different things - karate, piano, guitar, voice, gymnastics... literally everything. I won't tell you which one you'll stick to later on, that's up to your likes and interests! But, please I beg of you... learn as much as you can during your piano lessons! You'll love being able to play songs on the piano, but you'll always wished you received more lessons. So please cherish and take every lesson seriously!

I love you, and you are the cutest! Keep up the great work, and don't let anyone bring you down!


19-year-old Nessa!

P.S. You'll forever be one of the shortest in your class! Embrace it! It will be a huge benefit for when you meet that lucky guy! 


  1. What a cute picture!!! Great post!

  2. Yeah, those cheeks are the cutest! ♥
    Love yourself the most.. that's the greatest advice you could give to yourself. Great post! :)