30 October 2014

10 Things You (Probably) Don't Know About Me!

1. Yes, I am a mixed baby! Believe it or not, my mother is from the Philippines and my father is from Sri Lanka, making me half Filipina and half Tamil! (Just wanted to put this out there because people usually think I'm Spanish or even First Native!)
Can you tell????
2. I lie about my height. In fact, my height on my drivers liscence is about 2 inches off! I'm actually 5'1 believe it or not! You can definitely call me shortie if it pleases you.

3. I grew up with asthma! I say grew up because it is no longer a frequent thing anymore. Yup, I used to use the puffers, and even the tunnel that helped guided the air into my mouth properly. Then as technology changed, so did my form of medication, and I even had this cool thing that was called a disc. I had to suck in powder (sounds weird), but hey, must have worked if I no longer use them :)

4. I am currently a junior black belt in karate. Yeah! I started practising at the age of 5 and continued a looooooong practice until 16 where I received my junior black. Why did I stop? I guess you could say I lost some interest because I was apart of so many things at the time. I'm actually planning on starting it back up and get my black belt!

5. Speaking of karate, I broke my arm once in a sparing match with one of the other higher black belts. I guess he was going a little harder than usual on me because I haven't been to practice regularly. And then he kicked me as I was blocking and like I cried because of the pain. But, never did I ever thought I broke my arm! (This was also a reason I took a break from karate!)

6. I'm actually mean (apparently). According to others, I get really mean when someone pisses me off. I'm not sure if this is something to be proud of or not. I think it is because I am no longer a push over... I'm someone who will stand up for myself now!

7. I never smoked anything and I probably won't ever. I never found anything appealing about smoking. I didn't need any educational talks about what smoking can do to you, I just never had an interest. I guess it stems from all my uncles who used to smoke around us kids... one of the reasons why I got asthma in the first place.

8. I'm the biggest animal lover you'll ever meet! I love animals, and I will literally go play with an animal that is passing by for an animal. They are just too darn adorable! I really think I'll end up being one of those crazy cat lady's, but instead of cats, my own zoo of animals!

9. I am seriously afraid of masks! Ask anyone who thought they were funny "testing" this out. I am scared shitless. and literally if you were there for the times my so-called "friends" (I say this with no harm) to scare the life out of me, you would have also seen me in a fetal position crying. I find them scary, and I think its mostly because you don't know who the heck is behind that mask! And worst, you don't know what their motivations are! (this is why I refuse to go to any fear fest/screemers/halloween haunt events!)  BE CAREFUL ON HALLOWEEN GUYS!

10. I MET SELENA GOMEZ! And she told me she was in love with my hair! (Back then I had REALLLYY long and beautiful hair). Sorry, this still gets me sooo excited, I absolutely love her!

Sooooo, I hope this broke the ice between us a bit! Haha! Have a great Wednesday 


  1. Haha, no need to lie about your height! :) I'm 5'1" and I love it ... most of the time. Until I have to climb all over the cupboards to get out my wine glasses.

  2. Lol i used to hate my height, but now I enjoy it! shah and yess, reaching things from the top shelves is just horrible! aha :)

  3. Wow, you guys have to put your height on your driving license? We don't have to in the UK luckily as I'm quite small aswell. Only 5ft 4 - I was the smallest in my entire year for the first four years :)! I don't smoke either, nor have I tried it, nor will I ever - it's horrible and disgusting! Great blog post. Stopping by from Helene's link up: www.shoutjohn.co.uk

  4. Yeah, I'm in Canada and we do! I never knew the UK didn't! The things you learn while blogging :) Thanks for stopping by ! :)

  5. You changed asthma medications?! I have never, ever heard of that disc stuff and I've had asthma since I was three! I didn't get it from smokers though. I'm just really unlucky haha. Well done you for not smoking! I did for a little while and it is such a gross habit >.<