15 September 2014

What It Was Like Growing Up With Two Backgrounds!

Before some of you readers get mad at the title of this blog post, you must know now that I am talking from the experience of growing up... so when I was much more younger and pretty much didn't know anything.

Anyways, for those of you who didn't already know, yes, I am mixed child. My mother was born in the Philippines while my dad was born in Sri Lanka. Making me half Filippina and half Sri Lankan. I know, crazy isn't it? Even until now, I usually get a mixed reaction from people when I tell them, ranging from "oh wow that's amazing!" to "well that sounds random." Yes, I've experienced it all. 

But, looking back at my past, I'm actually ashamed of the way I felt about having two backgrounds. I never really understood why I was "stuck" with two backgrounds, but I clearly remember always wanting to avoid the question whenever people were talking about they background.

I think it stems from the fact of what kind of elementary school I went to - it was literally dominated by white people; mostly Portuguese people. So, basically almost 99% of the students in my elementary school literally had only one background. So, whenever it was the first day of school and the teachers were asking questions about us, and each student had to answer the questions in front of everyone, then when it was my turn, I always saw the confusion on peoples faces whenever I told them.

Then I would have to explain how my mom had a Filipino friend who was dating one of my dad's Sri Lankan friends, and that couple set up a blind date for both my mother and father; and taxa that's how they met.


But then when I went to high school, and met so many different people from so many different backgrounds, I actually gained this confidence about who I am. I was actually no longer ashamed to talk about where I was from. In fact, I began to embrace it and surprisingly, others actually found it quite beautiful. Which, I agree. I find others who are of mixed backgrounds to be absolutely beautiful!

Turns out I was ashamed of nothing. Mixed children are actually very beautiful. Not trying to seem cocky, but those are usually the compliments I receive before others find out that I am a mixed breed. 

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  1. Thanks girl :) Wait, so are you Filipino-American? If so, I had a feeling, but I had no idea!