22 September 2014

Weekly Wishes #34

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Happy Monday bloggers! It is that time of the week to be linking up with Melyssa for Weekly Wishes. This is a great linkup to share weekly goal and receive some encouragement from others who also have wishes/goals for the week!

Last Week's Wishes
I'm actually proud about what I've accomplished this past week. Believe it or not, but I am actually ahead of all my classes. Yes, I've actually completed all of the readings for the lectures this week before the lecture! I'd say that is a huge improvement in itself, and I am honestly more motivated than ever to continue this streak, and hopefully bring my GPA up. 
This Week's Wishes
  1. Finish my assignment. I have this difficult assignment due Tuesday. I've done as much as I could on the weekend, and I am hoping I finish the rest by early today, so that the rest of the night I can just over things here and there.
  2. Sleep. Yes, although most of my classes are after 12 noon, for some reason I wake up at 7 am. The problem is I go to bed late. So there needs to be a trade off... it is either I sleep early so that I am refreshed when I wake up early, or that I have to learn to sleep in just a little more. 
  3. Plan blog prompts. Now that I will be busy with school, I decided to plan (like a to do list format) of blog prompts I would be blogging about everyday. I also hope to write most of them on the weekends so that I am able to stay up with school work, and also keep up with my blog.
  4. Clean my room/ Reorganize. My sister is slowly moving her stuff out as she is preparing to move into the resident life at her new university! I gotta make sure she doesn't take any of my cloths/shoes/makeup - everything. Time to clean up and take ownership of what is really mine!
  5. Hit the gym 4-5 times this week. Yes, I need to make sure I stick to this plan, and actually hit the gym to lose weight and attain my dream body!
  6. Text people back. I have a bad habit of texting people for a couple of hours, the all of a sudden get bored and then just stop talking to them all together. I do feel bad, but I usually tell myself that I would text back and then end up not doing so... Maybe I should develop the habit of telling others "late replies" or at least "bye" to end the conversation properly!
These are my wishes for the week.  If you're participating and happened to hop onto my blog, leave your link so I can leave some encouragement as well! Have a great Monday, xo

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