02 September 2014

Need A Blogging Challenge?

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Before you get excited, no I am not hosting a blog challenge this fact; in fact I won't be hosting one until I know I have larger and more participating readers. Nevertheless, I know what it is like to wake up feeling like you need to blog about something but not know exactly what to blog about. I also know what it is like going on google and typing in, "What to blog about today?" Lame? I know. 

But, I do know that participating in blog challenges are not only helpful about blog prompts, especially for those who want to blog daily; but is also fun meeting new bloggers and getting new  and more traffic on your blog. So why not help you guys out for the month? 

I actually found, not one, but TWO different blogs hosting two completely different blogging challenge for the month! So, it is up to you whether you'd like to participate in either, both or both here and there!

Blog Everyday in September hosted by The Observant Turtle

The Blog-Tember Challenge hosted by Brave Love

Rather than participating daily in any of these challenges, I have chosen to participate on selected days! So, I'll be looking forward to reading some of your posts along the way!

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