02 September 2014

My Most Prized Possession

I have a bunch of things to choose from that could be considered my prize possession. Truthfully, not only do I value every gift that has ever been given to me but I value all those that I've bought for myself. I can easily choose something sentimental that was given to me from my mom, or an object given to me by my dad. Or the tangible object from Jay (click HERE to read about that). There are many things to choose from. But, I really sat down and thought about it - I looked around my room to see if there is one object I really take care of - consciously or subconsciously... then it hit me.
This is actually one of the earliest photos I have of Jayshaun. It was a spontaneous gift to me from Jay during our cadet trip to Washington, D.C back 2011. Wow... that's actually a long time ago now that I think about it. This was a first trip that Jay and I went together, but don't get too excited or shocked. This was an organized trip with my squadron (Air Cadets) and so it wasn't like a honeymoon or anything. Common... we were like 16 at the time. Nevertheless, this gift is actually extremely special to me. 

Why? Well, it isn't the first gift Jay got for me - beautiful blue earrings were. One of the days when we were in Washington, the other cadets and I had shopping time at one of the malls. For some reason we decided to split up - he go with his boys, and I go with my girls around the mall. Nothing too big or anything. But, as we were approaching the time that we were suppose to meet back on the tour bus, both our groups randomly met up and talked. 

He and his friend Jahleel were talking about how they went to the build-a-bear place and got a bear for Christina (Jahleel's girlfriend at the time). I kind of got jealous - but then again I didn't. I knew that Jay didn't bring a lot of money to begin with on the trip, and I was in no position to expect a gift from him. I was just happy we sat with each other on the bus talking and getting to know sooo much more about each other! 

Then my group of friends came on the bus first and a few minutes later, Jay's group of friends did as well. When he came to sit beside me, he gave me a build-a-bear box and asked me to hold it. At first I thought it was Christina's, which at the time I had no idea why I had to hold it... but then when he sat beside me (he had the window seat) he told me to open it. I opened it, and the first thing I see is a build-a-bear birth certificate with the name Jayshaun on it. I looked deeper into the box and saw the most beautiful bear ever! Ever since then, he became ours - our first ours. 

I know it may seem kind of cheesy, but I've never had a guy ever give me a stuffed animal before... something meaningful and so thoughtful. It was just an absolutely beautiful gift and you could tell that he had good intention and he definitely wanted to buy me something to make me happy just out of no where. Til this stay, I still have Jayshaun hanging out close to my bed side on my dresser, sitting on its own little chair with it's basketball jersey, shorts, running shoes and sweat bands for the forehead and arms! OH, and to make him more ours, we pierced his ears!
Is your prize possession a stuffed animal from a significant other? I would love to know, just leave it in the comments below!

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