16 September 2014

Most People Don't Know This But...

Most people don't know but I'm actually okay with being alone. No, before you get ahead of yourself, I'm not antisocial, in fact I love the company of others in different situations.

But when I talk about being alone I actually mean a lot of different things. For one, I am actually okay with walking down the hallways of school alone without someone to walk with, or walk late into a classroom, travel alone, or even be in a class without a friend. I'm actually okay with this believe it or not. I do have to admit, at first I was terrified about being alone - terrified about what others would think about me, or how others would see me.

Actually, as I write this I'm thinking about what changed my perception to feel this way? I think it has a lot to do with myself actually, especially the way I see myself. I used to be very harsh towards myself, towards the way I look, my body or even the way I laugh... Then, surrounding myself with positive people who actually encouraged me to see myself in a positive light, helped me become more comfortable with myself.

With this new sense of confidence, I was able to become confident not only in myself, but with whom I present myself to others. I really don't care if I am in a lecture hall sitting alone... the point of me taking that class is not to look cool, but it's for me to learn about something I'm interested in. It is these little alterations in my thoughts that actually made me comfortable with myself today, and I hope this will encourage others to hopefully learn to be okay about being alone. It takes time, but it i worth it! 
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