04 September 2014

Let's Go On An Adventure!

Let's face it, summer is over. The weather knows it, all the children who play on the streets from morning til night know it, oh, and lets not forget about those back-to-school t.v. commercials... summer is over and it is time to get ready to get back to school. I'm not exactly sure how I'm exactly feeling, but I think it will hit me after the first week of school.
My sister already moved all her things to Hamilton where she will be staying on campus for the duration of the school year as she is attending University up there. It's crazy to me, the whole picking up and leaving and starting somewhere (far away) fresh and without the parent. Kind of scary, but  al too exciting at the same time. So, before we moved her in, she wanted to just spend one last time hanging out with the cousins for the summer. Remember how I told you she recently just returned from Turkey? Well, of course she missed out on all the cousin time, and wanted to create her own memories.
And so we did. Thursday night, my sister and I slept over at Neisha's place. The original plan was for my sister, Neisha, Nivesh, and I to hang out in the city, and do whatever we can. Unfortunately, my cousin Neisha and I had work that same day, and so by the time it was time for us to hang out, we were just completely exhausted... but we didn't want to ruin my sister's wishes of just hanging out. So we sucked it up, and hanging out is what we did. 

First we decided to take Rocco (their dog) for a walk. It was already starting to get dark, and as children were still playing outside, we had to take him in the dog park just so Rocco wouldn't scare the children there. Afterwards, we decided to walk to my other cousins' apartment to give him something before we started out adventure
From there, we walked all the way towards Eaton Centre where we found starbucks, and enjoyed some fraps! I got myself Vanilla Bean with a shot of Raspberry! mmmmm It was absolutely delicious! 

From there, we walked into Eaton Centre, and because it was late; all the store were closed but the mall wasn't. We walked inside the mall so that it would easier for us to reach the other side of the mall which led us to another street (that's how big this mall was). From there we just walked. We were talking and joking around so much we didn't even realize where we were going. We passed by City Hall, and just kept walking further into the city. We later found this cute street with just restaurants and bars with little patios out front and cute chairs along the street. This little area was cute, I just wished I took more pictures to share! 

At this point, we were all hungry and were debating on what to eat before we headed home. We all for sure didn't want pizza, and decided to keep walking until we found a place we liked. As we kept walking, we started to noticed that we were getting closer and closer to the CN Tower and just decided, what the heck, to go there and take a picture! We wanted to take a picture like how my cousin Nivesh did, like mocking him. But it turns out that he deleted that picture off his instragram, so we really didn't know had far/close and how he took the picture. All we remember was that he took a seflie with it, and so that is what we did as well! 

From here we decided that perhaps it was slowly time to head home. But on the way there, my cousin was begging for us to go on a Ferry. If you don't know what a ferry is, it is a boat that takes you to a little island off of Toronto. It is not too far, and we call it Centre Island. Centre Island has cute rides for kids, but moreover it is just a place to relax away from the city. People have picnics there, bike rides, and just hang out with their family. It is a relaxing place.
But, because it was late, and we were too old for the rides, we were kind of hesitant to walk and find where the Ferry Dock would be. We knew for sure that Centre Island would probably be closed, but that didn't stop us. Instead we just wanted to go on a boat ride just to end of the night in a relaxing note.
Unfortunately we didn't know the exact location of the Ferry Dock. All I knew what that we had to keep walking towards the street the water and we would eventually find it. We just didn't know whether to go east or west. Anyways, we just kept walking and asking a bunch of directions from different people. We quickly went on google to see when the next ferry would leave, and apparently the last ferry ride was at 10:45pm. It was 10:25pm and we decided to just run. And When I say run, we literally RAN down the street looking for the Ferry Dock! 

When we ran, we rand past a bunch of guys who were just walking to wherever. We had to stop running as we were behind them, until they moved aside and allowed us to run. They made funny comments, but we didn't care too much about it; instead we just laughed. We had to stop a bunch of times - we even went to Tim Hortans just to use the washroom. We encountered a hobo who was trying to talk to us, and instead we just ran again because we noticed that this man just didn't want to talk.
Anyways, when we were running, we passed but the SAME guys we previously passed. We stopped at a distance laughing at the fact that they are going to think that we are some slow ass runners. But we didnt care, time was quickly approaching and we decided to just run. When we passed by they were laughing and saying things like, "Hey its you guys again!", "Let's run with them", "Where on earth are they going", "Are they running after us?" It was just hilarious.
We finally found it at around 10:40pm. We made it just in time and were so excited that we ran and walked all the way down here to actually get on the Ferry. If we didn't, then we'd be pretty upset that we ran for nothing - especially since we were wearing jeans and its never fun running in jeans. We paid and waited for the ferry! 

Then when we finally boarded and starting (I'm not sure the right word...) gliding (?) along the shore towards Centre Island, we had the most amazing view of our city. It was crazy. I was actually one of the haters to just come on the Ferry for no reason - but I guess that was because I took for granted at how beautiful my city can actually be. The ride was soo relaxing, and the night just ended well for us. A beautiful scene with people I love. Nothing could top cousin bonding like this night. 
Any wild adventure you went with your friends/family that were in the spur of the moment? Let me know in the comments! If you made a post about it, share it with me, I'd love to read about them! Hope you all enjoyed summer 2014! #summerforever!

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