24 September 2014

I Don't Want to Hang Out...

Do you have that one friend who just wants to spend every minute of their free time with you? I seem to have a lot of these in school. It makes sense though... who would want to stay alone for 1-2 hours before their next class? I get it; but I cannot honestly say that I was ever that friend. No... I actually would rather like to be alone and just have time to myself as I am enduring my next class to begin. 

Okay, so on Wednesdays, I have a class that is from 9am - 12 noon, three looooooong hours. Afterwards, I have a two hour break until my next class which begins at 2. And then I am done for the day at 3pm. Okay, so within that two hour break, my friend from my 9am class also has a  break - like 3 hours or something. I don't remember. Anyways, this friend just always wants to do something for these two hours. And I find that annoying. I really do. I'm currently taking classes that requires a lot of attention and reading... So whenever I have break, I make an effort to sit down in the library and do what I have to do. I find this not only beneficial towards the course, but beneficial for myself so that I am not stumped with last minute studying for 2-3 subjects on one weekend. 

Anyways... majority of the friends I have do not understand this. Instead, they rather walk around campus talking, or just sitting down talking. Like, there is nothing wrong with socializing, nor is there nothing wrong with wanting to study. I am being completely honest when I say I cannot get any school work done at home, so why not use my time wisely? But, like I said, my friends do not seem to understand this and just want to be together ALLLLLL the time. 

Like I need my space to... Is that too hard to ask? It is to the point where I told this friend that I recently enrolled in a class ... which was obviously a lie. But, I guess that lie caught up to me... One of my classes actually added up open lab hours during those two hours, which is actually a real excuse to leave! Hopefully the person I am talking about doesn't read my blog... I guess we will find out the next time we have class (either today or tomorrow). 

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