03 September 2014

I Can Never Say "No"

"Vanessa can you do something for me?", "Can you take my shift?", "Can you work tomorrow?", "Can you buy that for me?", "Wanna go and do this?" My answer? It's usually "yes" every single time. It is like people just know that I could never say no. I feels like people literally just take advantage of this fact and just constantly ask me to do things without every asking for anything in return. 

It kind of sucks, being a person unable to say no. But, let's not over exaggerate here. I know the difference between right and wrong. If someone asks me to do something illegal for them, like stealing a toy from whatever store, of course I have the courage to say "no". So why can't I ever say no when someone asks me to take their shift even when I just don't want to? 

I'm not exactly sure what it is, but it is something I am definitely trying to work on. For example, the other day my friend asked me to take her shift at work for Monday. Although I would have been able to work that day, I realized that it would just be very stressful travelling all the way from school to work within a specific amount of time. Rather than putting myself in any position, I had the courage to say "No." It was weird, I was actually nervous that she would get mad at me, but she was actually really understanding. 

My first "no" in a long time went really well! Hopefully I can keep this up! I definitely do not want to be one of those people others take advantage of just because I have a hard time saying no!

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