17 September 2014

I Am Easily Annoyed!

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Truthfully, I get soooo annoyed at the littlest things people do whenever in life in general. But, I am usually always able to tolerate these people as I know that whatever they are doing will eventually stop. However, never  have I ever experienced such an annoyance from this girl who sat beside me in one of my classes yesterday. Before I continue, I want to say no offence to anyone else who does this.

Okay. So in a lecture obviously people can either take notes the fashion way, or type out their notes from their laptops/ipads, whatever. I personally like to take notes on my laptop, only because my penmanship is not as legible as it used to be back in high school, especially when I am rushing to write something important that the prof is explaining that isn't on the slides. It is literally all chicken scratches... (hmm.. being a doctor could be my future).

But anyways, when I type, I tend to talk to myself about win my head as I'm typing. Get it? Okay. So the same things goes for when the prof is talking and I am just typing whatever he/she says. Makes sense? Yes. Okay, so obviously this process takes focus and concentration and the moment I'm distracted, I could easily lose my train of thought or even write the other thing I am thinking about. Following me so far? Okay...

The girl I sat beside yesterday also took notes on her laptop, like most of the other students. But, this girl was like mad at her laptop or something. Like I literally mean that this girl was typing so angrily, which made her keyboard SOOOO loud. It and seriously annoyed me. 

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I kept losing my train of thought because the sound of my keyboard and her keyboard were meshing at the same time, and my head was getting confused whether or not I wrote down my thoughts or not. It was just extremely frustrating.

It was so loud to the point where the other girl beside her asked her to type a little more quiet. Of course, I could have asked the same thing... but I think that's weird because you can't really control the way you type on your own laptop...  I don't know. But it was just so annoying to me and I guess that one other person. But other people didn't to mind. Maybe it was because I sat beside her so it sounded much louder than it really was? I'm not sure.. but what about you? Are you annoyed when others around you type LOUDLY in a quiet environment? I'm actually curious if I'm alone on this. 

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