30 September 2014

Goodbye September, Hello October!

Well here we are. Another month has past, and might I say extremely quickly! It just seemed like yesterday it was the first day of September and how I wasn't too excited about starting school. Now it is October and I'm desperately wanting time to slooooow down. I need way more time for everything - friends, cousins, family, school work, and relaxing time. It just seems like there is never enough time in the world to get anything done anymore.

Anyways, instead of completely complaining about things I want, I think it is a good opportunity to share with you guys some of my favourite posts from the past month! The posts I'm about to share with you are either some of the more viewed of the month, or some that I truly enjoyed writing. If you haven't read any of them, please grab your coffee mug and enjoy the read!

My Most Prized Possession
I have a bunch of things to choose from that could be considered my prize possession. Truthfully, not only do I value every gift that has ever been given to me but I value all those that I've bought for myself. I can easily choose something sentimental that was given to me from my mom, or an object given to me by my dad. Or the tangible object from Jay (click HERE to read about that). There are many things to choose from. But, I really sat down and thought about it - I looked around my room to see if there is one object I really take care of - consciously or subconsciously... then it hit me. [Click here to read the rest!]

Let's Go On An Adventure
Let's face it, summer is over. The weather knows it, all the children who used to play on the streets from morning until night know it, t.v. commercials are reminding us... summer is over and it is time to get ready to get back to school. I don't know how I'm exactly feeling about this at the moment, but I think it will hit after the first week of school when I miss just laying around at home doing absolutely nothing. [Click here to read the rest!]

Neighbourly Love
Today is the 3rd day of the 16 day plan in my journey of reading, reflection and responding to what the bible says about love. If you'd like to follow alone, join HERE and perhaps start your own journey! Ready to go on this journey with me? Well then, let's get started! Have I told y'all about the time I was betrayed? Until this day, I firmly believe it was a form of betrayal from a cousin... [Click here to read the rest!]

Most People Don't Know This But...
Most people don't know but I'm actually okay with being alone. No, before you get ahead of yourself, I'm not antisocial, in fact I love the company of others in different situations. But when I talk about being alone I actually mean a lot of different things. [Click here to read the rest!]

What It Was Like Growing Up With Two Backgrounds
Before some of you readers get mad at the title of this blog post, you must know now that I am talking from the experience of growing up... so when I was much more younger and pretty much didn't know anything. Anyways, for those of you who didn't already know, yes, I am mixed child. My mother was born in the Philippines while my dad was born in Sri Lanka. Making me half Filippina and half Sri Lankan. I know, crazy isn't it? [Click here to read the rest!]

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading my blog over the last month, especially considering how I've literally blogged everyday. I hope you're excited to continue to read for October! See you there!

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