27 September 2014

Confessions of a 3rd Year Uni Student! - Week #3

Okay, so this week of school has past instantly. I swear it was Monday just yesterday... I don't know what is happening, but all I know is that the days are passing more and more quickly, which means that my tests/assignments are quickly approaching! And that kind of scares me because there is just a lot of information I am constantly learning each and everyday, and I am terrified I won't be as prepared as I am attempting to be.

Looking at an overview of the next few weeks ahead, I have my first test on Oct. 8, followed by a quiz and an assignment due on the 9th... See just thinking about that already stresses me out. I literally have 2 weeks to prepare for all of those? It is just insane. Profs are never kidding when they say to get things done right away.

Which is true if you think about it. Imagine if I wasn't keep up with my readings? I probably be spending all of my weekend and the next week playing catch up and not absorbing any of the information that I am "reading". Makes sense now.

Anyways, beside school work, I am actually content with how I've been spending my free time. For one, I'm in the library, and 2, I am actually getting work done in the library. In previous years, I would be on in the library doing anything but school work. But lately, something just clicked in my brain that makes me want to work.

Another weird thing happened this week... I never knew I was one of those students who is actually eager to learn. It is honestly an amazing change that I've made over the past few years and I am honestly hoping to continue this journey to be the best student I can be. And who knows... I could become something bigger than I've ever imagined if I just put the work into it. 

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