20 September 2014

Confessions of a 3rd Year Uni Student! - Week #2

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Second week of university has quickly gone by. Is it just me, or has this week just been so long and exhausting. Truthfully, the way I week last week is exactly how I feel this week; that I've been in school for at least a month!

It is insane the amount of the things I've learnt over the past two weeks. In fact, two of my classes - Human Origins and Human Osteology - is all new stuff I am learning. Literally all about bones, their functions, their locations, what joints they are connected to, what movements they do... everything. It is soo new to me, that I feel so behind in comparison to the other students. I honestly sit in class absorbing everything that is being taught so quickly in class. Then, in tutorial I try to apply what I've learnt but, find myself making mistakes and mixing concepts up. However, this doesn't seem to happen to some of the other students... They seem to know a lot ... a lot more than I do.

So what am I doing? I am literally sitting my ass down for hours reading and reading, making notes upon notes.. and I just feel like memorizing definition won't help me. I'm been thinking about purchasing a study human skeleton in order to actually practice and know how some of the bones look like that so that I am familiar with them for the bell ringers. Yes, my tests consists of bell ringers unfortunately... it's just too much.

Anyways, besides those two courses, there is this one prof who is teaching my introduction to archaeology course, and honestly she makes me regretting enrolling into that course! First of all, I know I should cut her some slack because this is her first time teaching, but still... there is still an expectation of standards for the way teachers should teach. But, the way she is teaching the course is honestly so unorganized. On Monday, she decided to waste our hour by giving us a preview of what the upcoming lectures were going to be about... Then, she asked us to watch a video for Wednesday class which was suppose to be about Scientific Method... but then the prof asked us to watch a video (which was 2 hours long) for Wednesday's class focusing on the scientific method. However, the video about Intelligent Design...But on then on class on Friday we learnt about Evolution. Like.. there is no structure to the class.. it is annoying.

But, I did spend a lot of time in the library this week. Whether it was either staying ahead, or even keeping up, I think it is insane about the amount of readings I am bombarded with. I am just exhausted and I really think I need to start making my lunch the night before instead of the morning of. I'm starting to be that student who walks into class late. 

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