13 September 2014

Confessions of a 3rd Year Uni Student! - Week #1

Happy Saturday everyone! Please note that this is the first week of a weekly blog series I decided start writing about my weeks as a third year university student!

It has only been the first week of school and I literally feel like I've been in school for over a month! Usually first day of classes are introductory, and by that I mean that usually the prof just goes over the syllabus for the course year, and then just does an introduction to the course. Pretty much basic stuff for the first week of class. But, boy was I wrong. Sometimes, I forget how the higher I continue to climb the latter towards my University diploma, the harder and harder school work gets. 

Anyways, continuing on about my week at school; I think it was just absolutely great! Surprisingly this entire week; I was very fortunate enough to see every single friend I've made in my previous 2 years here in university! IT was just an odd thing of course, but I was very thrilled that they were still open with me and we still talk like great friends. 

On Monday, I saw my high school friend Nathali. I think the last time I saw her was actually first semester of my second year at university, so pretty much 1 year ago. Crazy? I know; she was the one who actually recognized me and stopped me and we just chatted on the side of the side walk before she headed to class.  That same day, I saw and caught up with my other friends Noor and Natalia; I literally saw them a few months ago, so of course it was extremely easy to catch up with them! On Wednesday, my friend Rayal actually ended up being in my human exceptionality class, which I was really excited about because I don't like being alone in classes, and I like studying with others. That same day, I saw my greatest, and long time friend Diane and we chatted long in the library. Then outside of the library, I saw my french buddy Nikita (a friend I made back in first year) and we caught up a lot! Then, that same day I ended up seeing my friend Synthia, who also ended up being in my anthropology class. On Thursday, I ended up seeing Chad, another first year friend in my anthropology class! I introduced him and Rayal to each other since we were all in that class with one another. Then, on Friday, in the gym with Diane, I saw my two high school friends Angela and Eugenia!

I'm pretty sure you guys got bored reading about that - but honestly, it was so great seeing them. Sometimes, I forget how fun school can be, which is all thanks to the great time you have with friends. Don't y'all agree? Well, anyways, one of my goals for the school year was to actually create more friends. And so this week, in all my classes and tutorials, I decided to talk to someone new each time!

Hmm... What else can I say about the week I've had? Oh the fact that I've actually been ahead with my readings for the classes I had the past week! It was actually so great because for the first time in a long time, I actually feel motivated to do well in school. I actually feel motivated to continue to keep up, and even stay ahead in with my schoolwork! 

My sister also came home yesterday from Hamilton. She's staying for the weekend. I told her that she should blog about her university experience. It was something I wished I had done back in first year to see how much I've grown and changed. For one, I'm so much more sociable and friendlier to people than I was back in first year. 

So, with that being said, I'm excited to write a series about my third year in university, and one day reflect back on these days with the good and bad memories!

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