14 August 2014

Why I Still Blog

It has been over a year since I've started this blog, and it is only NOW that I am sharing my blog with some friends outside the blogging world. By the way, when I say some, I literally mean like 4 friends. Why you may ask? That's another post for another day. But, I think it is appropriate to talk about why I blog, since it is literally the first question everyone asks me once they found out I have a blog. I really couldn't think of an answer right away that really explains why I like to blog... so I thought about it and decided to share my top 3 reasons as to why I still blog!

It is therapeutic
What can I possibly mean by its therapeutic? Well, in a sense, blogging is cheaper than therapy! I am basically writing about the same things I could easily talk to a therapist for. The best part is, the blogging world has so many amazing people to provide different perspectives. So it is always interesting to get different opinions here and there. Besides having writer's block here and there, I also find blogging extremely relaxing in the sense that, I don't feel judged whenever I post something online. 

To share similar stories with others.
We are all human, so of course we are going to experience similar things. So why not share them? Sometimes, it is honestly reassuring to know that there are others just like me going through similar things. And it is great, because, again, there are bloggers out there who really care and take the time to leave some encouragement on your blog. There are also bloggers who share what they've experienced and how they've handled the situation. Blogging just opens up my world to know that I am not alone, and there are others just like me out there.

To remember the little things!
This is probably the number one reason I blog. I don't have super memory, so of course I am unable to remember every single thing that happened in my life. In fact, when I go through old post, I didn't remember half the events that occurred in my life until I read my actual post. Blogging helps me remember the good and the bad - and it's always great to remember the past with such clarity, instead of just guesses based on a picture. 

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