09 August 2014


Can anyone guess what day it is today? Can't figure it out? No worries, I'm actually excited to tell y'all! One year ago today I woke up deciding to create a blog. And for what reason? It was actually intended to share my everyday experiences, starting with the excitement I had when my cousins living in the States came to Toronto. But, of course that didn't happen. Looking back, I hardly blogged about my cousins visit! I bet you're interested in reading my first post, don't be shy. Just click HERE!

Let's not dwell on the past but rather celebrate what I've accomplished in the last year! In the past year, I had absolutely no idea that I would actually be dedicated to this blog. In fact, I didn't even realize how much I actually enjoyed blogging until I actually did it! After a year of blogging, I am actually excited to see what's left to come. 

Over the past year I've:
  • Published 271 blog posts (including this one)
  • Gained 110 followers (hopefully this will increase over the next year)
  • Met a lot of new and AMAZING people!
  • Been inspired by others

So, what's next to come for my blog? In the next year, I am hoping to gain more followers (of course), especially those who actually want to engage in my posts more. I am hoping to not only gain followers just for stats on my blog, but to actually create friendships and one day hopefully co-host a blog challenge! So, in order to accomplish this, the goal for me is to just put myself and heart out there, and hope that y'all will appreciate and love what I write. 

So without further ado, Happy first birthday I Write About You! and a huge thank you to all those who stop by. Every blog view and comment encourages me to keep blogging! So the past year is all thanks to you guys!

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