26 August 2014

Off to the Park!

A family BBQ? Why not! Ashley just came back from Turkey, family visiting from France will soon be leaving to go back to France, and why the heck not? Although our family BBQ was last weekend, I still don't mind blogging about it later than I should have. It is the memories that is cherished, and pictures are just worth a thousand words. So why not share a photo series with you all from the high lights of my day/night.

Okay, so this family BBQ was suppose to be an evening thing. But because my family is always excited for excited, we literally had family arriving at my place at around 1:00pm -Which was just insane as we were still cleaning the house, preping the food and just getting ready ourselves! The crazy part was, there was literally over 10 kids (of cousins) for Ashley, Neisha, Nivesh and I to entertain. Which was just a lot, considering how my room was small, and I was pretty much worried that all these little kids would just terrify Penelope or just hurt her by trying to pick her up.

So, the smartest thing I could think of was to keep her in her cage (in my room), and tried as hard as possible to keep all them little ones out of my room. Boy did that work until more children (whom I actually didn't) came into my room when I wasn't looking. I don't get it ... why do children just like staying in a room and messing around with other peoples stuff? What happened to those days where children just played outside until night?

So then it hit me, let's go to the park... Not just the park, but the park with the lake and beautiful scenery to take some gorgeous pictures with the cousins! And so, that is what we did. Enjoy the pictures!

Are you spending some time with the family before summer break is over? Let me know in the comments below some of the activities you guys have been doing/ planning on doing! Also, if you wrote a post about it, leave your link below, I would LOVE to read them!

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